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Any business with more than one vehicle should seriously consider fleet leasing. Many advantages exist for companies that lease their vehicles rather than own.

Leggat Leasing is one such company that offers professional fleet leasing services. You can reach them at www.leggatleasing.ca/.

The first benefit is cost savings. Rather than put a substantial amount of your corporate funds into purchasing your vehicles, you can have much less money up front and tantamount monthly payments when you choose to lease your fleet.

There are also tax advantages to leasing. Most companies can receive excellent tax benefits and write-offs by leasing rather than purchasing. Also, many leasing companies offer low cost maintenance and sometimes repair of your fleet of vehicles.

Their prices can be quite competitive compared to the cost of an expensive dealer or other type of auto repair shop.

With a fleet leasing company, you can feel assured that you can use your cars, vans or trucks for whatever driving purpose you require. You can lease a fleet of limousines if you need to. You can lease large trucks to haul your goods. Or you can rely on a leasing company to help you select a fleet of economy cars if that's what you require.

Corporate auto leasing is very desirable when you've shopped around and compared several fleet companies to see which can provide you with the best service and maintenance plans at the most favorable rates.

You should evaluate each fleet leasing company to see just how long they've been in business, who some of their clients are, and how happy the business clients are with the respective company.

By doing this, you'll be able to judge just which fleet company is right for your individual business. Your business may deliver packages or flowers or even people as passengers. Some leasing companies have better areas of specialization than others.

Some will have more experience and expertise leasing only heavy-duty trucks. Others might specialize in only leasing a fleet a taxi cabs.

So it's best to see which company fits your business model best. There are indeed some leasing companies that can offer you a fleet of vehicles no matter what you're looking for. These are usually the largest companies and the ones who've been in business the longest.

It's smart to ask some reputable businesses who have a fleet of vehicles which company they use and why. Then you'll be able to get a good, general opinion of exactly who to choose when the time comes.
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Fleet Leasing For Business

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This article was published on 2011/01/30